Embee Meter VX


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Install Embee Meter VX to get Free Giftcards, Paypal payouts and mobile Topups (Depending on country)!How does it work?
After you click "Join Now" and turn on the Meter, you automatically earn “Meter Points” every day just for using your phone normally. Answer a couple of quick surveys, and you'll get "Meter Points" even faster.
Within only a few days, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for free Giftcards, Paypal payouts and mobile Topups (Depending on country)!
That's it! There's no ads. No videos to watch. Nothing to click on.
The app does exactly what it says. You get free mobile Top Ups just for using your phone. The longer you leave the app installed, the more free rewards you earn!
Its that easy.
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